For 2 Wheel Tractors

The 2 wheel tractor is a hugely versatile machine and we offer a wide range of implements and accessories to maximise the potential of your investment. 

New Product

Tipping/Dump Trailer - see "Other Implements" page for full details and downloadable brochure


Cultivation - 3 or 5 tine cultivators, plough and cultivation sets, potato lifters, power harrows, rotovators, rotary ploughs, single furrow ploughs, single furrow reversible ploughs, single row ridgers, two row ridgers, weeders.

Grass Care - power scythes, flail mowers, lawn mower/collectors, brushcutters, toppers, drum mowers, hay rakes, hay sweep/buckrakes.

Other Implements - chipper composters, rotary brushes, sawbenches, snowblades, bulldozer blades, snowblowers, trailers.