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This page shows in full the complete comments from customers, whose letters were too long to put on the individual tractor pages.  We hope that you find these comments to be useful and have tried to include where possible, comments from private individual users as well as corporate and industrial users.

More testimonials will be added as we receive them from our customers. 

Euro 45 Tractor

"Alan and his team have been exceptional in their service and expertise.  As a first time buyer of a tractor and someone who had little experience, I was very reassured by Alan, who talked me through all the different options and saw me through the process of getting to know the machine.  The Euro 45 has been perfect for my smallholding - especially the forest and steep hills.  I could not be happier with my purchase or the friendliness and helpfulness of the whole team - both through the purchasing - and after with servicing and being looked after.  Trustworthy - reliable - and very professional.

I will be telling all my friends."

Baron Stael von Holstein
March 2016

* * * * *

TaskA Vac & Two Wheel Tractor on Nordic Ski Track

I am the head groundsman at Stockeld Park Estate, West Yorkshire, which is a 2500 acre estate consisting of gardens, parkland and rented farms. Around 5 years ago part of the estate began to be developed into a Christmas theme park consisting of skating rink, woodland walk, maze, shops, cafes and a Nordic ski trail (www.thechristmasadventure.com). As the ski trail was to be sited in woodland we were keen to find something to help with the task of keeping it clean. After researching numerous products, I discovered the TaskA Vac while walking around the Great Yorkshire Show ground, on the CTM stand. After reporting back to work, Alan from CTM brought one for us to try. The TaskA Vac is a fantastic product and has certainly made my job a lot easier, with how fast and easily it cleans the ski carpet. Stockeld Park also purchased other very useful products from CTM such as a tipping trailer for a compact tractor and a Goldoni two wheel tractor with a snow blower attachment and a brush, both of which I use in my job and would recommend.

If I ever have a problem Alan is always available at the other end of the phone and is always happy to visit and repair if possible. We have used CTM for many years and have no qualms about recommending this small family business, their products and services to anyone.

- Kevin Taylor, Stockeld Estate Head Groundsman
Purchased 2007, testimonial written 2013

* * * * * * 

Euro 45SR T


"We recently moved to North Devon, purchasing a 17 acre small holding on the side of a valley close to the edge of Exmoor to set up a glamping business; www.longlandsdevon.co.uk.

The gradient is, in places, in excess of 25% and we need to be able to flail & mow, and move materials around the land (eg. fence posts when fencing in one of the paddocks) but were on a tight budget.

After much research, we purchased a Goldoni Euro Tractor through CTM. The low centre of gravity is perfect for the steep hills (you are more likely to fall out of the tractor if you are not strapped in than you are to roll it over) and it can drive anything on its PTO that we could possibly want. In addition, its compact size and small turning circle make it excellent for getting around in smaller places. A larger tractor would have never been up to the tasks that we have put our Euro Tractor through.

 Finally, the after-sales has been 5 star, the care and attention has been second to none, I cannot rate CTM highly enough."

- Richard, Devon
January 2013

* * * * * *

Goldoni Base 20 Quad Tractor - Private Individual


"Our land is heavy clay on a hill.  We keep horses and a few sheep and for 11 years I have used an old Zetor 5245 tractor to move horse muck, top off, roll and harrow paddocks.  This summer the Zetor proved to be totally unsuitable as it was sinking in and churning up the ground so badly I was unable to top off the grass which was growing furiously due to the wet weather!  I looked seriously at quad bikes as most of our local farmers were using more than tractors on the wet ground, but realised that I would then still need the tractor for its PTO and 3-point linkage and I did not want 2 vehicles.

When visiting the Shire Horse Centre in Yorkshire I spotted a strange small tractor and was told it was an Alpine tractor - basically a big quad bike with PTO and 3-point linkage.  After looking on the internet, I contacted Alan at CTM who offered to come and demonstrate his Goldoni Base tractor which he said would do the job.  I was very dubious as I could not see how a 20 horse tractor could do the work that a 50 horse was struggling with.  I was amazed as Alan cut banks at a crazy angle with ease; he harrowed some land that was so churned up you could not walk on it without sinking in; he charged up and down the road at huge speed doing an emergency stop like a car - not something my Zetor would even attempt.  I was hooked; sold the Zetor and purchased the Goldoni.  Alan delivered the Goldoni spec'd exactly as I needed it and spent half a day showing me, with great patience, how it all worked and adjusting all the implements to suit the tractor.

 I have since then been more amazed at the little tractor's ability and power; those 20 horses are very big ones - nothing will stop it!  CTM sold me a flail mower to suit the little tractor and I have topped off all the paddocks which I had failed to do all summer, with ease.  I have harrowed and rolled the paddocks that the horses churned to a mire and charged up and down the road to our other field fetching and carrying as needed.  It will turn on a sixpence and I only have to open one side of a double gate to get through.  The flotation tyres roll the ground rather than sinking in, even when it is really wet and they still give plenty of grip.

Overall a very capable little tractor sold by a company that cares about its customers and is more than helpful and great to deal with."

- Jane & Paul Thompson, Gloucestershire
October 2012

* * * * * *

Quad 20 Tractor - Private Individual

"We live in the north of Scotland and have a croft (smallholding) mainly used for sheep and horses.  Our Goldoni was purchased almost 3 years ago in February 2009.

The availability of a PTO, 3 point linkage, low ground pressure and 4 wheel drive means that the Goldoni is capable of tackling a wide variety of tasks and with the minimum of impact on the ground.  We have a PTO powered vacuum for collecting horse manure, a topper, chain harrows, a transport box and pallet forks.  We have had various farm implements over a period of time and wish that we have discovered the Goldoni and CTM Ltd sooner as it would have saved us a significant amount of time and expense.

Alan and Deborah are absolutely expert on the Goldoni and on the wide range of implements available.  Customer service is at the top of their agenda and I very much appreciate the help, guidance and patience provided by them over the past few years."
Jack Hay, Sutherland

* * * * * *

Euro 40 Tractor - Nature Reserve

"Our Trust now looks after 31 hectares on top and running down the north face of the South Downs.  Some years ago we bought a second-hand Goldoni Quad Tractor which proved very reliable.  With the cutter collector on the back, going up the steep tracks to our reserves proved interesting!

So, the Trust decided to purchase a larger tractor.  On a visit to Yorkshire, I went to see Deborah and Alan of CTM Ltd and looked at the Goldoni Euro 40 RS.  With its extra weight and length, it looked very suitable for the use on our Reserves.  Now a year and a bit later, we are very happy.  We have no trouble with the cutter collector on the steeper slopes and we can now cut at a higher speed which means that we can cover much more ground.  Alan has sold us some new heavy-duty cutters which also help enormously.

Goldoni Tractors are excellent for Wildlife Reserves, with their low centre of gravity and wide tyres which do not destroy the small plants that we are trying to preserve.

Alan and Deborah are so helpful and excellent to deal with any questions or queries."
- Reserves Manager and Trustee, West Sussex

* * * * * *

Quad 20 Tractor - Industrial User

"We purchased our Goldoni Quad 20 based on its advertised capabilities and a whole-hearted recommendation from another satisfied customer in our industry.  Alan and the team organised a demo for us and undertook training of our staff in its use.  The machine he was able to customise to our own preferences by moving hydraulics and adding a non-standard power winch.

As reported, the off-road capabilities are excellent and surprisingly, despite the width of the flotation tyres, we find it easier to negotiate tight woodland routes than with our previous smaller machine, due to the pivoting chassis.  In fairness, the tractor is very tough and we broke our old trailer in a week putting it in places we never could before.  One feels that the tractor will outlive the majority of implements we attach to it, due to its brutality.

The tractor has been excellent.  An apparently uncommon factory fault was resolved very quickly and without quibble under warranty and likewise an issue with the third party implement.  During our somewhat brutal use of the machine, a broken light unit and lost check chain ordered on the Friday afternoon arrived on the Tuesday morning.

All in all we have found both the tractor and CTM to be excellent."
Yorkshire Water

* * * * * *

Euro 40 Tractor - Private Individual

"I purchased my very first Goldoni Quad 20 in 2004 after a varied trial of machines from other companies.  I had no experience of agricultural machinery but after a couple of hours of demonstration with Alan, felt confident to handle the 20.  I therefore purchased the Quad 20, rotary mower and transport box.  I will add that none of the other machines people brought to demonstrate were in the same league as the Goldoni equipment.  (Furthermore, all the other demonstrations I had did not give me the same level of confidence to operate the machinery.)

My ground is quite steep and in some areas very uneven.  I could not get any contractors interested in cutting the grass as all their machinery was too big due to the steepness of my land in some areas.  My ground suits the low centre of gravity offered by the Goldoni range, especially with the flotation tyres.

After having the Quad 20 for 18 months and doing a lot of landscaping on my 4.5 acres, I went across to Richmond for a weekend break and called to see Deborah and Alan.  Much to my wife's surprise, I ended up buying a Quad 40 in the process, together with a 5 foot mower.

I have had endless hours of cutting grass, thinning out woodland (even dug a pond) with my Quad 40 tractor and can only say that the build quality of these machines is excellent.  I have the major services for my machine carried out by Alan; he is very professional at what he does and very particular when it comes to the operation of the Quad.

When you contact Alan or Deborah it is as though you are one of their family and nothing is a trouble to them.  I will only buy machinery from CTM - their advice and recommendation is invaluable.

The after-service provided is 5 star and second to none.  I cannot praise CTM enough."
- Joe Wood, West Cumbria

* * * * * *

Quad 20 Tractor - Private Individual

"I breed and show rare sheep on my smallholding in Cumbria, running the farm single-handledly and, as all smallholder know only too well, looking after the land can be a big job, with grass too long, fertiliser to spread, harrowing to reseed, to name but a few problems.  What can we do? We have to look for contractors who are willing to come out to do these jobs for you.  From past experience I have found that because we do not have hundreds of acres, finding a local contractor who can get his large tractor onto our land can be a problem.  Then, contractors do not come cheap.

I saw an article about Goldoni Quad Tractors, showing details of CTM in Yorkshire.  I telephoned and arranged a demonstration.  I might add that I am five foot nothing and did not have a clue as to what I was letting myself in for by wanting to drive my own tractor!

The big day arrived and it was quite daunting to see this mini tractor on Alan Brown's trailer.  Once it was unloaded and I had a good look at it, I thought I would never be able to drive it as they are a complete tractor, but in miniature.

However, after it was all explained to me, I was amazed at what I would be able to do for myself on my smallholding.  I decided to have one and went for the flotation wheels so that I would not get stuck in the mud and extended footplates for easy access on and off the tractor.

The number of implements and accessories that are available means that you are able to do all your own jobs yourself - I bought a flail mower and fertiliser spreader and have just bought some chain harrows.  I cannot emphasise the capabilities of this little machine and all the money I have saved simply by having it to hand and to be able to get on with jobs and not have to wait for contractors to show up (that is if they bother to show up at all).

I cannot speak too highly of the after-sales backup and on the odd occasion that I have had problems (mainly because of being female and not understanding anything about machinery), you always have a friendly voice at the end of the phone and never have to wait to have someone arrive to sort your problem out.

It was definitely the best purchase for my smallholding."
- Moira Linaker, Cumbria (2006)

* * * * * *

Quad 20 Tractor - Private Individual

"My Quad 20 was bought for general usage in a small privately managed woodland.  Before buying the Quad 20 I had had both a compact tractor and a quad bike.  I found that the compact tractor was fine on flat, stable ground, but its relatively high centre of gravity made it quite unstable on rough or very wet ground and after one near roll-over, it was disposed of.  The quad bike was fine for getting around, but was only capable of pulling a small trailer over rough areas.  It also seemed to require copious amounts of petrol.

I saw an advert for a product similar to the Quad 20 and visited the dealer, had a relatively limited demonstration and it seemed as though they didn't really want to sell me anything!!  Some time later I came across CTM and after a couple of telephone conversations, visited them to look at and try the machine.  My questions were fully and courteously answered (and in retrospect some of them were probably close to the "stupid question" category!); the machine was fully demonstrated on some quite severe terrain and I was also given more than adequate opportunity to try it for myself.

The visit resulted in an agreement to bring the tractor onto my land since Alan's, whilst steep in parts, was relatively dry, whereas mine could be extremely wet.  For the appointed morning I had devised a route round the woodland which was along the lines of "if it will go round that it will go anywhere".  One part I judged to be far too wet and boggy for the quad bike and it was certainly absolutely impossible to walk through.

This last part did cause Alan to pale slightly and ask "it does have a bottom to it doesn't it?"  However, with water and mud almost up to the tyre tops, the tractor plodded through this area and coped with all the other challenges with an ease that was frankly amazing.  After this, the only thing left to settle was "when can I have one?"

Driving an articulated unit over rough and steep terrain can be rather disconcerting initially, since having the front roll-bar tilting backwards, twisted sideways and sloping as the front part of the unit moves independently of the rear, gives a rather different "forward picture" to that of a rigid unit - you don't realise how much you use the roll-bar to "frame" where you are going until it doesn't!  However once you get used to this, the tractor is very easy to drive and the multiple gears, combined with the wide track and tyres, really do make it an incredibly "go anywhere" machine that has proved its worth over and over again.  In spite of being asked to pull heavy loads through conditions which most other units would baulk at, it has only been "stuck" once and that was when I misjudged the width of a ditch and managed to drop neatly into it!

Having now had the tractor for several years I have had a variety of attachments and implements as the required applications have changed and all have performed as expected.  The fact that the Quad 20 tractor has both a 3-point linkage and PTO's obviously make it a far more versatile machine than a quad bike.  One other feature is that under normal usage, the fuel consumption is minimal - and of course "red" diesel is much cheaper than petrol.

There have only been a couple of minor problems and these have been sorted out very quickly and at reasonable cost.  The back-up service from CTM has been exemplary.

An essential piece of equipment that I wouldn't be without."
David C. Bedding - North Yorkshire (owner since 2002)

* * * * * *