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Goldoni Specialist Compact Tractors

Introducing Goldoni's Boxter, Aster, Star and Quasar models.

Goldoni Compact Tractors represent the top end of the small tractor market.

The high power and sturdy construction of all of these small tractors make them ideal for the serious user and for those needing to use rugged tractors in confined places.

Boxter - Compact dimensions, but truly hardworking.

The new compact tractor from Goldoni. It's revolutionary design with the engine turned 180 degrees and new transmission enabling a manual tractor to have a flat operator deck; 4 driving wheels, 16-speed gearbox with reverse shuttle, 540/1000 PTO and a lift capacity of 600 kgs from its weight of 840 kgs, making it the strongest compact tractor of its size on the market today.

Built to complete Goldoni's range of compact tractors, the Boxter can be fitted with a front loader and also a mid-mounted mower deck.

The Goldoni Star is a new generation of compact tractors designed for a new type of agriculture.

Groundbreaking mechanical features, technologically advanced concepts and an attractive design make Star a unique tractor.

Ideal for use where space is at a premium, but in the most versatile way. The Star is the answer for those operators who want an all-purpose and enterprising machine but who don't intend to do without the tried-and-tested reliability of Goldoni's tractors: sturdiness and quality.

The Star 100 - a new revolution in size to power ratio: highly manoeuvrable - low weight - sophisticated capabilities.

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