About Us

Conservation Technology & Machinery Ltd is a family-owned company, based in Swaledale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

CTM started selling Goldoni tractors at the end of 2001 and consistently achieved No.1 UK dealer status since 2003. We were therefore pleased to announce, that in June 2009, Goldoni awarded CTM importer status, enabling us to buy stock directly from Goldoni's factory in Italy and to also stock a greater range of tractors, 2 wheel tractors and to also expand our range of spare parts.


As Europe's number one producer of small tractors, Goldoni has over the past 80 years, developed a range that incorporates many large tractor features into a small size. They offer the most comprehensive choice of models including narrow tractors, reversible drive tractors and other specialist models.

Extract from Goldoni statement:
"Since 1926 we plan and assemble specialised tractors, utility vehicles, motor cultivators and motormowers.

What we have decided to do derives from the understanding and the genuine love of the land and working between the rows.

If today we are one of the leaders in this specific sector, it is most probably for this reason.

We construct machines as a passion and for more than 80 years, we continue to do so in the same way; convinced that the best technology is that which renders work easier and more efficient and that what really counts more than anything else are the results."


TaskA, and our first product TaskA-Vac, was developed by CTM after years of research into PTO-driven vacuum systems, following many requests by customers for such a product.

TaskA-Vac was designed to pick up organic materials and is now used in many situations from leaf collection to paddock cleaning, clearing out stables, use in parks and gardens, theme parks, sawmills, golf courses, nurseries, game farms and even worm farms, to name but a few!

Since the development of TaskA-Vac, we have produced several more implements under the TaskA name.